Good WordPress Add-ons in Order to Maintain Your Website's Ads

Not being a developer could make it difficult to implement our Ad scripts. If you are using WordPress to build your website, the following Add-ons could be helpful for you in order to easier implement all the relevant scripts. 


To implement our ads.txt (what is this?):

  • There are several ways to implement our ads.txt. You could download the Add-on "Simple Ads.txt" or "Ads.txt Manager". Thereafter, go to to copy our rows. Now, go in to your newly installed Add-on and paste the rows in the suggested area. Save your settings and check that the ads.txt has been uploaded to You may need to review this in your browsers incognito-mode, in order for your cache to not interfere, or simply wait a few minutes and update the page.

    Remember that the ads.txt needs to be implemented at least the day before you go live with the Ad scripts. We go through updates in the ads.txt files during the night, and are thereafter ready to serve ads.

To implement scripts in the header of your site:

  • The header holds meta data, which describes the website and also what is required to render it correctly. To implement the header-part of our scripts, you could download the Add-on "Head, Footer and Post Injections", which will offer to paste code to the header of your site in a simple way. Copy the code to be implemented in the header, and paste it in the relevant area. Save your settings. It should now be OK. 

To implement scripts in the body of your site:

  • The Body contains the real content, meaning images, texts and other things that the user/visitor sees in their browser. It is thereby here that the actual ad-scripts are to be placed, and where ads will later on be displayed. You could use the Add-on "Easy Adsense Ads & Scripts Manager", which will allow you to easily differentiate between desktop and mobile scripts, while being able to both add scripts in content and in sidebars.
    • To implement scripts in the sidebars, start from the WordPress Control Panel and head over to "Widgets". Here, add an element and choose "Easy Adsense Ads & Scripts Manager". Place our script here. 
    • To implement scripts in content of your page, navigate from Control Panel->Add-ons->Installed Add-ons->Find "Easy Adsense Ads & Scripts Manager" and choose "Place Ads". Here, navigate to the Add-on and start going through the different possibilities. You can start placing the tags, and see how they appear on your live site. Choose a setup that you feel comfortable with.
    • For desktop we recommend to have between 1 or 2 content ads, 2 panoramas (1 for the top and 1 for the bottom of the page) and 2-3 sidebar-ads. For mobile, we recommend having 3-6 ads depending on the length of the page, where the ads have at least one screen-height with space between each other.