What is Lazy Load?

The short answer is that Lazy load delays the initiation of a javascript (our ad scripts), meaning that the site will ignore loading the script until it becomes relevant.

It will instead start to load when it appears in the user's screen.

The site will not only have a quicker initial load time, compared to implementing the script without Lazy load, but the Ad placement will also have a higher in-screen value, making the ad placement more relevant to advertisers. The requested effect of a Lazy load ad placement could also be a higher CPM-value.

A possible downside of Lazy Load is that is may very rarely get triggered to load, if none or few users reach the area of the Ad placement when using your site. Meaning that the amount of Ad requests to our systems will become fewer and may affect the total result.

We therefore recommend to use Lazy load with caution, and use it as an add-on to the other 4 - 7 recommended Ad placements on your sub-page. It is perhaps a good idea to use Lazy load on a forum page, newspaper-page or other longer pages that users are still active on.

Please reach out to publisher@holid.se for further questions.