How to maintain a good long term advertiser relationship

Advertisers are most successful in reaching out to their audience if they are granted an exclusive space. The Online Advertising Community has accepted the fact that there are often several other banners from different companies located on one subpage of a website simultaneously. This, however, is where some publishers could optimize their long term relationship with advertiser demand. The programmatic chain needs inventory (a site to be able to render creatives), but publishers need advertisers more, to actually buy ad space on their site. Because of this buyer's market, it is important for publishers to care about advertisers and how you want to keep a long term relationship stable with the programmatic chain.

Using Google's new tool Ad Experience Report, you can let it scan your website and get a result of how intrusive your website's ads are. This might give you an indication of your website's current status against advertisers. If you need any assistance of how to interpret the results, please reach out to us at