How do I get my money from the generated revenue?

When on boarding with Holid, we ask for info about your company and where to send the self invoice. This includes:

- Name and last name for the contact person at the company.

- Email to where the self invoice should be sent

- Company name

- Company adress, zip code and area

- Organization number

- International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

- BIC-number (SWIFT)

- VAT number

After every finished month, we compile and send out a report with a self invoice of the last month’s revenue. The self invoice will state your cut of the revenue and when the payment will be performed.

However, if you don't have a company, we will sign a contract with you as an individual. In order for us to perform a valid payment, we still need a VAT and BIC number. Our suggestion is to speak and sign a deal with a company that can perform these type of payments. The company then pays the sum to you.